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Contact the Research terrier using this Contact form:  I’m pleased you have chosen to consider Cooling Towers Productions further for your business intelligence and research work.

The need for up to date, relevant information from quality sources is needed to support daily business decisions of People, Processes and Procedures. The Research terrier services can help you raise awareness of your current knowledge and research needs to find your knowledge gem to improve your business knowledge with expert knowledge. There are  3 services of:  Literature review, Reports and Creative Development.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment new evidence, information and data can you afford not to be aware of the current state of  your companies 3 p’s of  People, Processes and Procedures?

Are you  aware within your company the continual need to ensure your business meets recognised Industry standards in your sector? Is this giving you edge in today’s markets? if the answer is No; the expert knowledge of the Research terrier’s  services is here to help you review & update your People, Processes and Procedures.The Research terriers  expert knowledge as a Chartered Environmental Health Officer (EHO) can provide Independent Literature evidence review, Reports and Individual or Group work in Creative development sourced from  Business intelligence to support you and your company.

Contact us for a Free no-obligation quote. Prices start at affordable rates based on the Word length for Literature evidence reviews and Reports.  Daily rates apply for Creative Development  for a 1-1 sessions, workshops or briefing sessions- Subject to agreeable terms and conditions in agreement with the client and Prices on Assessment to the Client.

Thanks for visiting Cooling Towers website today. If you liked what you saw today please  also refer to my Twitter stream @Joanne_kel (this is my business account for Cooling Towers) for more regular Business Intelligence updates from the Research terrier & my knowledge partners. Please see my LinkedIn Profile also  you’ll find on the right of the Cooling Towers home page.

Research terrier;  helping your business deliver more with Business Intelligence!


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