Ordering from Research terrier

Placing an order with us couldn’t be easier. Here’s how.

The Research terrier’s aim is to complete the work on the go and to the required delivery date and quality specified in the agreement and meeting our terms and conditions – to fill and create your knowledge requirements for your business.

STEP 1: Providing a quote and advising the customer

The first step in the process is dealing with – ‘What is the gap in knowledge?’ and understanding your knowledge requirements from the services on offer; Literature review, Reports or Creative Development.

We are therefore, interested in finding out exactly what this involves, in terms of your knowledge requirements; in terms of time, costs and delivery dates.  To receive a quote or discuss which service is best for you,  

Please use the on-line  ‘Contact us’ form on the website  We aim to make contact with you within a 24 hour period. The quote is FREE of charge and without obligation.

STEP 2: Delivering the service

Once you have spoken to our terrier to iron out the details of the selected service, most appropriate to meet your knowledge requirements. You will be expected to agree and  sign up to the outline terms and procedures,  before the work commences and any further appointments made.  We expect all specified documents, files, and materials depending upon the service element selected will be made available and forwarded via email in a suitable format (usually Microsoft word or PDF documents). The work is  carried out subject to agreed delivery terms and conditions and delivery dates.

Further requests to increase commissions from the agreed terrier fee will be agreed in advance (usually by telephone or email correspondence)

STEP 3: Review of Works

Once the service has been carried out a review of the final draft will be presented to you for comments and customer analysis (Literature reviews, Reports and Creative development).  This part of the review will include your feedback comments on the work or Creative process experienced and quality checked. Any amendments required at this stage will be carried out upon return receipt of the work and completed the following day before being marked as completed and to your satisfaction. We reserve the right to alter delivery dates in view of amendments returned more than three times depending on the service selected and may incur further fees as a result of extra costs incurred.

STEP 4: Completion of work

We hope at this stage to have kept our service promises (and your rights if we fail to live up to any of them). We aim to carry out the work in a professional, confidential and timely manner to meet information literacy, Intellectual property  and data protection standards along the way. We hope you will be satisfied with your terrier service, and  to do business with you again; we expect you to settle your account straight away and would love to receive your customer comments when we are done, if any.

Thank you for using our terrier service.