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Autumn Extract

Day of Atonement

Following comments  from the Research terrier’s Thoughts at Easter; many of you genuine followers wanted another blog post on a similar topic. Here is the follow up from the Research terrier’s journal – Autumn Extract. The purpose of this post is to consider Atonement and the process of healing.

Those of you who are regular visitors  to the website are  here either to know more. If you manage to digestion aspects of the topic; consider this a starting point to change your life habits for either your work or creatively. Many of you may even find the content of this post difficult to accept due to your own belief’s and views concerning what atonement refers to in all aspects of life.

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Atonement: A broad topic

I’m sure most reading this blog post will  be well familiar with some examples of what you believe and understand what  atonement consists of. For most; people think it relates to physical and mental corrections of some kind for a crime against a law of the governing country; A penalty, a restriction or complete exclusion in the form of a prison sentence. And you wouldn’t be far wrong in thinking that.  This is how many of you perceive and experience atonement in your daily lives. But what does atonement mean in spiritual terms? many people have no experience of this only to see it in large scale religions, community groups, individuals even large institutions and governments and the monarchy (if your country has one). Again, most relate to restrictions, or even punishments. For most though the atonement process is about healing

To look further; I’d like to share a quote from the Research terrier’s journal in an attempt to explain further about atonement.

‘A day to admit the truth about yourself’

The quote immediately draws you into a state of  – ‘What the!’. In any given situation in life, particularly in a state of negativity brings you to a state of healing. All healing is essentially the release from fear. You might grossly disagree with aspects of this quote, but you cannot ignore that it raises questions about the fear associated with the atonement process; that is a separation, situation that has occurred in your life to which you may in your own life be or have  experienced darkness through a loss of some kind or been deeply hurt by individuals  towards you in a negative way.

The quote should start you thinking about what aspects  of yourself are you lacking in spiritual terms that requires you to start the healing process? Take some time to reflect upon this quote from the Research terrier. I would suggest you find a quite place away from distractions from your mobile phone, social media blog posts! and even your family and friends  to fully engage with aspects of the atonement process. It is not intended to invoke any restrictions, punishments or loss; but to make a start upon reflection of your own day of truth.

I trust you found the contents of this post useful for your own spiritual progression. I am sure you will definitely  comment on anything you find confusing on this topic!. Especially, if you are lost!.

The content of this post is not associated with any religious faith group organisation’s, government, political group or associations. All views and content is from my Research terrier journal and is copyright by production of Cooling Towers Productions.