Literature Review for your business

Literature Reviews for your business.

The literature review is a 200-300 word brief, succinct and critical look at the works you consult to understand and investigate your topic or subject for your given business area. Delivered fully referenced using tried and tested search and select SEO and referencing techniques and short cuts that work!. To save you time, money and adding value to your knowledge- base.

The literature review service will sift and distil the latest ideas from the ever-growing mountain of; e-zines, professional journals,  research, information publications, seminars, events and webinars. Covering just about every aspect of your work providing evaluation and audit , critical analyses of your given discipline or subject area and showing how the work relates to your business.

Just practical, valuable evidence that you can take off the page and put to work in your job, procedure or process ,as to what short comings in knowledge, experience or skill is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or limiting the person or business’s continuing development and competitive advantage. And its delivered direct to your inbox via e-mail.

Take a look yourself at some sample posts – visit the Blog section and Twitter feed of Cooling Towers Productions with listings of the most popular topic posts most recently. We’re certain you’ll find business topics of interest to you.

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