Thoughts from the Research Terrier at Easter.

Thoughts from the Research terrier at Easter.

Hello to my site followers,

If you are a regular visitor to the Cooling Towers website then you will know something about what the Research terrier does to work with people. If not, then I hope this Research Terrier note on some of my Easter thoughts  might just give you an insight to taking further action for you or your business in future.

This Easter I wanted to say, I hope you will find peace & light in a mad world that can be without light. Like the image below of two fishing boats up turned in the sand, when life or or life situation presents itself. Perhaps you  do not know where to start this process or with whom. The point to remember from this image,  is light surrounds darkness; and all have this ability to find their own light to make a difference in your or others lives.

I will be sharing a meal  this Easter; perhaps not quite like in the image below!in my own surroundings at a near by beach. Which happens to have more of an industrial  theme from the glowing past of the Steel industry.  Share some of your creative glow and have a peaceful Easter.