Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials; Don’t just take our word for it though. What our customers said.

Paul Dunn, MBE Community Safety Consultant, From Capsticks LLP  
" Having known Joanne for a number of years, including working together to promote and deliver training on innovative practices to tackle nuisance community behaviour . I would highly recommend her research terrier work.

Joanne’s depth of knowledge  and range of research field, coupled with her warm personal style -  is highly impressive. Joanne is always professional, friendly and approachable and her methods are always creative and innovative.

Joanne’s sense of values and the ability to get the job done were always superb, often in challenging conditions. I trust her implicitly."

UK DTI Export Week     

Where in the world? The Research terrier shares business knowledge with the Department for Trade & Industry for potential business interest to global market interest.Business and private individuals come to Cooling Towers for quality business intelligence on the go! The Research terrier uses expert knowledge to give the business confidence in business decisions. The Research terrier uses knowledge to support business on the  go. This on-line, business intelligence service gives access to a range of Industry good practice standards. Adding value to your business people, processes and procedures.

Customer testimonials : Local, National and  Regional.

Businesses and organisations I have worked with to date. My concentrated attention to detail; holding and sharing of knowledge;  to create and form new knowledge for business people, processes and procedures. How we get the best out of you and our knowledge, this results in enhanced competitive advantage and improvement for your business and creative development on a personal level.

So don’t delay. For a confidential, quote please ‘contact us’ by completing the ‘contact us’ form on this website.  Thanks for considering Cooling Towers Productions to supply you with your information and knowledge requirements.
Workshop with CPI 2016.