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Temenos: The Creative Web & Atonement of Place

Picture of Temenos at Middlehaven, Middlesbrough. All rights J. Kelleher

Atonement of place.

For those Cool followers and website visitors who regularly check out my blog post you will have perhaps read my last post  – on Atonement from the Research terrier’s journal and the healing process. If not, you might want to take a look after reading this post for some further background.

After a week of reading about local master plans, demolitions of local buildings in Middlesbrough. I  found my thoughts turning to  atonement of place and how both political and non-political leaders use places to carry out atonement’s to place mainly in the form of neighbourhood proposals, planning proposals etc,  In the same way that personal atonement’s occur in anyone’s personal or professional life;  A place can also play a major role in the healing process and that of physical changes that have induced a healing crisis.

Many of you reading this post may also wounder what has atonement to do with the master planning proposals and regeneration? Surely this belongs to the politicians, governments and even local people; right? Well not so.

An area such as Middlesbrough in the North East of England has by enlarge gone through many physical changes to its Industrial heritage. Recent reports from government assessments deeming certain buildings to be “of no heritage importance or cultural significance” was the quote given recently for one of the Middlesbrough buildings in question (Evening Gazette, October 2017, Marton Country Club hotel, The Highfield Hotel). 

The Area has had to carry some heavy, negative  press covering  the past industrial landscapes with politicians such as Margret Thatcher visiting derelict industrial sites being pictured in the local press (early 1980’s) and more recently  covered by the current Prime Minister, Theresa May and her visit to the Middlesbrough, Tees Valley area.

Middlesbrough; has like many North Eastern towns and cities has seen major changes in employment from the last industrial era of the late 1970’s and 1980’s where traditional businesses were reaching saturation in the Iron Steel sector, Fishing, Engineering, Manufacturing . This is no more vivid than that of the Tatar Steel closure in 2015 after more than a 100 years of steel making.

Fitting then, that we; in Middlesbrough have seen the installation of more creative marker’s  such as the Temenos sculpture pictured above at Middle-haven and created by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond in June 2010. 7 years on,  I reflect on the achievement of what this huge structure captures for the town. Did it capture the new opportunities and new approach to Middlesbrough’s enlightenment after it’s dark and dirty Industrial past?

Temenos is imposing at Middle-haven, the middle ground of Industrial might . Have we,  Middlesbrough caught up  with the 4th Industrial Strategy? or our master plans caught up in the vortex of Temenos portals from other dimensions,  still waiting to be released. From 2010, it was a bold creative risk of sculpture,  the creative power; not necessarily physical as in the sculpture its self, but the concept of organic development and the people still trapped by material wealth.

To conclude my thoughts, then with atonement of place will people look upon Temenos in a 100 years time and recognise the importance of the creative portal it was designed to be. To draw in and project the town forward in a new creative web to healing not physical landscapes;  but minds in a new dimension where it up lifts and enlightens others mind,body and souls.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post today and you can perhaps relate to how a large sculpture can bring you to a new starting point within a particular area or neighbourhood. you might never have seen or engaged with a structure before in this way. If you are local to the North East England you might want to check it out next time you visit the area. If not then, you have the  image in the picture above!

All content produced by J. Kelleher Business owner and Research Terrier at Cooling Towers Productions. All views my own and not affiliated with any Political, religious or cultural organisation. Cooling Towers is an Independent small business. 






Research terrier’s Journal

Autumn Extract

Day of Atonement

Following comments  from the Research terrier’s Thoughts at Easter; many of you genuine followers wanted another blog post on a similar topic. Here is the follow up from the Research terrier’s journal – Autumn Extract. The purpose of this post is to consider Atonement and the process of healing.

Those of you who are regular visitors  to the website are  here either to know more. If you manage to digestion aspects of the topic; consider this a starting point to change your life habits for either your work or creatively. Many of you may even find the content of this post difficult to accept due to your own belief’s and views concerning what atonement refers to in all aspects of life.

Please as a matter of  professional curtsey  note that all material from this website blog, be accredited, referenced and any links used from the Cooling Towers website ensure permissions are sought from the author/owner of the business in advance.

Atonement: A broad topic

I’m sure most reading this blog post will  be well familiar with some examples of what you believe and understand what  atonement consists of. For most; people think it relates to physical and mental corrections of some kind for a crime against a law of the governing country; A penalty, a restriction or complete exclusion in the form of a prison sentence. And you wouldn’t be far wrong in thinking that.  This is how many of you perceive and experience atonement in your daily lives. But what does atonement mean in spiritual terms? many people have no experience of this only to see it in large scale religions, community groups, individuals even large institutions and governments and the monarchy (if your country has one). Again, most relate to restrictions, or even punishments. For most though the atonement process is about healing

To look further; I’d like to share a quote from the Research terrier’s journal in an attempt to explain further about atonement.

‘A day to admit the truth about yourself’

The quote immediately draws you into a state of  – ‘What the!’. In any given situation in life, particularly in a state of negativity brings you to a state of healing. All healing is essentially the release from fear. You might grossly disagree with aspects of this quote, but you cannot ignore that it raises questions about the fear associated with the atonement process; that is a separation, situation that has occurred in your life to which you may in your own life be or have  experienced darkness through a loss of some kind or been deeply hurt by individuals  towards you in a negative way.

The quote should start you thinking about what aspects  of yourself are you lacking in spiritual terms that requires you to start the healing process? Take some time to reflect upon this quote from the Research terrier. I would suggest you find a quite place away from distractions from your mobile phone, social media blog posts! and even your family and friends  to fully engage with aspects of the atonement process. It is not intended to invoke any restrictions, punishments or loss; but to make a start upon reflection of your own day of truth.

I trust you found the contents of this post useful for your own spiritual progression. I am sure you will definitely  comment on anything you find confusing on this topic!. Especially, if you are lost!.

The content of this post is not associated with any religious faith group organisation’s, government, political group or associations. All views and content is from my Research terrier journal and is copyright by production of Cooling Towers Productions. 




What is a Research Terrier?

What is a Research Terrier?

A Research terrier  is knowledge worker and uses the knowledge of good practice and innovation from working alongside industry and sectors to carry out literature reviews, create reports and creative development with private individuals from within a company and disseminate good practice from within Industry to handle the explosion of information from a board range of business and professional knowledge all in one place to support business improvement.


What are the benefits of using a Research Terrier?

The benefits of using a Research terrier are as follows;

  • Saves you work time while using a research terrier’s knowledge and skills at fixed cost rates (expect for larger projects over 1,500 words – Price available on assessment where we reserve the right to adjust the fixed price)
  • Online service requests allow quick placing of orders quick turnaround, deposit of supporting documentation (for literature reviews, creative work) reduces the need for travel time and for on-site meetings.
  • Trusted information and data sources used from professional networks, businesses and individuals.
  • Work quality assured to the SCOUNL seven pillars of Information Literacy standards, research and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) standards with client confidentiality  for individual and commercially sensitive cases to meet client deadlines.
  • Increased professional development and business planning knowledge.
  • Improves employee performance and motivation for individual staff skill appraisal.
  • Increase business output by investing in capability skills and capacity.
  • Improved business, organisational and individual Leadership and management approaches.
  • Improved whole-life knowledge of the business environment and supply chains at a local, sub-regional and national level.
  • Increase competitive advantage/scope of the business, individual or company from knowledge transfer exchange.